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Agua de coco!! Galera nota mil nesse Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Só Alegria com ❤️zaninivivi ❤️…

Feliz Easter e Happy Pascoa.

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RT@DavidRoads: A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

RT@wilsonshimoda1:@bobburnquist O suor do dia é a alegria da noite,onde vc pode colocar a cabeça no travesseiro e dormir com a sensação d…

We think they'd read: :) RT@BayLeafBooks:@Kidrobot If they could read, what would they read?

Today, we're green instead of@RED. Happy#EarthDay.

HIV positive moms can give birth to HIV free babies. Learn how here:

Congrats@JP8675! You won the INSPI(RED) T-shirt. Thanks to all who entered & check back on Weds for the next chance to#winRED.

(RED) Alert!@Mariobatali &@patlafrieda call on chefs & restaurateurs to help fight AIDS.@foodandwine