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Comfort zone @ Skydive Perris

RT @theguynamedgabe: Thats it ima learn to ride a skateboard. Ima be a mix of Jay Adams and Bob Burnquist

RT @joaolhamas_: eu sempre gostei da Hurley por causa do Bob Burnquist, ai depois que eu soube que é a favorita da mari, só vou comprar hur…

☀️🏄 @ Trestles, CA

RT @CanalOff: País do futebol? Segundo o @bobburnquist o Brasil é o país do skate! Confira: #OffJam…

What is your favorite @RED product?

Who else is buying a new @RED iPhone case from Apple? RT @CharlieTyler: First half arrived! #productred

#FACT: Over 240,000 babies & children were infected with HIV in 2013, down from half a million in 2006. #Progress #MoreToDo

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