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GoPro: The Secret Life of Pets Short Film Teaser - YouTube
by GoPro
@loki_the_wolfdog is getting glammed up for tonight's #TheSecretLifeOfPets x #GoPro sneak peek at @mountaingamesvail. Join us & the @secretlifeofpets (bring your pups!) at Mountain Plaza near the climbing wall TONIGHT at 8:30pm MT.
Now this is happiness. @catherineaeppel captured this moment at the #DockDogs competition after the dogs exit the water and shake off. "In order to get this shot, I set my GoPro Hero 4 Silver to 30/1 burst mode so that I could capture the whole range of motion of the dogs drying off. Using the three way mount fully extended so that I could get up close to the pups, I quickly held my camera out in front of the dogs as they exited the water, and this shot is what resulted!"
We're digging deep for our #HEROSessionChallenge! This weekend's theme is all about #pets. So be like @timthetoothninja (who buried his #HEROSession) grab your #GoPro, your best friend () and show us how your #HEROSession can hold up to whatever your furry friend can dish out! #GoPro #GoProPets #Woof #Dogs #dogsofinstagram
GoPro Takeover with @andrew__muse My golden retriever pup "Kicker" and I have been traveling around northwestern US, Canada and Alaska for the last 5 months. We are currently living out of a van filming a series called "Tiny Home Adventure" filmed exclusively on #GoPro. We have been getting into all kinds of wild adventures! This shot is from the beginning of my trip where I learned to Paraglide and Speed Fly at Point of The Mountain in Utah. Speed flying has become my newest addiction. Bei...
Photo of the Day! Tula coming at ya! Big ups to #GoProAwards recipient @harebrainbob, who has mastered the #flyingdog shot. Can't wait to see what he does next. We love his style! You can be rewarded for your content! #GoPro #GoProPet
Photo of the Day! Happy Friday from Sierra, who is always having fun on hikes with @kellibrennecke. #GoPro #GoProPet #GoProGirl
Photo of the Day! Fergie doing what she does best...playing fetch! We're celebrating #NationalPetDay so be sure to share your furry friends with us! #GoPro @deanpgroover
Photo of the Day! Maritere Cabreo's pup is ready for a dip! #GoPro
It's #NationalPuppyDay and we're as excited as Cal at the beach! Share your cutest little furry friends with us via link in our bio. Thanks @kchin16 for the shot! #GoPro
Photo of the Day! A smiling + happy Baxter is a great way to start your week! Thanks to @skibbleyd83 for the burying the #GoPro, which was one of Baxter's favorite games. #GoPro #GoProPets
Hatchet the @aspensnowmass rescue pup is ready for the big game! Share your #SuperBowlSunday plans with us via the #GoProAwards. #GoPro #GoProSnow #SB50
Love @loki_the_wolfdog as much as we do? Have a snow pup of your own? Share with at at #GoProAwards. @catherineaeppel #GoPro #LokiTheWolfdog #Aspen #SnowPup
Photo of the Day! "@drewchie, it's looking ruff out there." -- Maverick the co-pilot. Sharing a weekend adventure with your pup? Show us via #GoProAwards link in our bio! #GoPro #FlyingDogs
Can't get enough Loki love. #LokiTheWolfdog Great photo via: Catherine Aeppel #GoPro
Loki the Wolfdog taking in the slopes at the Winter X Games 2016 in Aspen. Can't get enough of this snow pup. #GoPro
Happy Australia Day! The celebration down under is just beginning, so check out @goproanz for all things Aussie! # (Image via Kara Murphy) #GoPro
Photo of the Day! Sir Henry looking very regal as he surveys his domain while wearing his awesome hat. Share your powerful pups with us via #GoProAwards. # #DogswithHats
"We didn't touch the lights, we swear..." @timthetoothninja has some 🎄 mischief on his hands! Share your #holidaypups with us via the #GoPro Awards
"Greta behind the wheel" #: @hammertoe41. (No # were actually driving during this shot) #GoPro
Photo of the Day! Sadie (Front) and Kea (back) taking a break while working off all that Thanksgiving turkey. Image via @_danieltiger_ . How are you spending your holiday weekend? Share with us at #GoPro
You can run, but I will find you... #GoPro #Dog #Puppy
Girls just want to have fun! #GoPro #Puppy
Hello everyone! @Loki_the_wolfdog’s best friend Kelly here, giving you the inside scoop on how Loki and I came to be. It all started when I brought Loki home during a Colorado blizzard in 2015. Loki is a low content wolfdog (a husky/wolf/malamute mix) making him a bit different than any other dog I had ever had. He quickly became a huge part of my world, and I had to listen closely to my gentle wolfdog to enter his world. #GoPro  #BEAHERO #MansBestfriend
Caught this curious nugget checking out the #GoPro. Capture candid moments like this with a little setting called Time Lapse.
Why can't everyday be Sunday? #Football #GoPro #Puppy
@dolly_tyler might be over #nationalpumpkinday, but we're not! #📷: @leanneljohnson. Have you been to a #pumpkinpatch this fall? #BEAHERO #GoPro #🐶 #🎃
We're celebrating #nationalpugday with @dchiddix, Pixxie Doodles (front) and Petunia (back). These two #pugs spend their days lounging around Sonoma, CA. Share your #puglife with us by following the link in our profile.
Pip took a break from his walk to pose for the ! @hkinuthia decided to hike around #Wasdale before Pip started hamming it up. Show us your photogenic pups by following the link in our profile. #GoPro
When the hunter becomes the hunted...@my_boaz breaks up his #humpday by chasing a #shark in the pool! Share your best moments with us by clicking the link in our profile. #GoPro #dogsofinstagram
To celebrate #nationaldogday, here's the adorable @loki_the_wolfdog all wrapped up like a sleeping burrito. Share your best dog moments with us by clicking the link in our profile. #gopro
GoPro: Ara and Spirit "The Sidecar Dog" - YouTube
by GoPro
Kalea loves bringing her #HERO4Session to the dog park! Photo by @gurustunts #GoPro #Pets #Dogs
Photo of the Day! @Brandy_the_pug prepping for the 2015 Surf Dog Season at Del Mar Beach in San Diego. Submit your best photos at #GoPro #dogsofinstagram #surf
Brandy the pug surfs Del Mar with the Fetch Mount. Video by Jonny Dorman.
by Jonny Dorman
GoPro - Fetch (Dog Harness) - Mount your GoPro to your dog
by GoProTutorials
Sassy's balancing act caught in Photo Burst Mode setting. Photo by Summer Crawford.
Puppies and paddleboards, our fav! This Six legged SUP photo was taken by Trevor DeHaas. Every GoPro camera comes with a waterproof housing, perfect to capture you and your best friend's water adventures:
Photo of the Day! Kali enjoying a winter wonderland. Photo by Kenny Henry.
Photo of the Day! Good times with Frieda. Photo by Ruben Leal. It's GoPro Animal Month! Be sure and submit your best content here:
Photo of the Day! Trevor DeHaas and his dog Kahlua out for a sunset paddleboard session.   It's GoPro Animal Month! Be sure and submit your best content here:
Photo of the Day! Easy Rider. Aron Harvey and Bear the Weiner Dog out for a cruise.
George Waldren and best friend cruising through downtown Los Angeles. Clamp your GoPro camera to a variety of objects with the Jaws: Flex Clamp -